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Metrop Hydroponics is a company that specializes in high quality liquid plant fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and hobby farming.

Through years of cultivation and testing experience, Metrop Hydroponics approaches the crops in a different way than most other food producers.

The main idea behind this is to give what a crop can absorb most at every stage of the growth and flowering cycle.


Function: Nitrogen and phosphorus are important for the growing crop during the early vegative phase. Deficiencies of phosphate will have a negative effect on the root development, strength and yield of the crop.

Crop productions on earth that lack nutrients or where the earth mix needs adequate nutrient absorption in the root zone will require early use of Metrop MR1.

Metrop MR1 provides magnesium which often falls short in crops on light, sandy earth. Magnesium along with other micro elements is vital for chlorophyll and protein synthesis.

Description: Completely water-soluble liquid emulsion liquid that contains NPK,
magnesium and trace elements.

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