Meet Pragmatic

The supply of agrifood products is of vital importance to feed Europe in a healthy way, while Europe has also an important role in feeding the rest of the world. In order to cope with current trends, the way of doing business in the agrifood sector is currently being transformed.

Pragmatic focuses on the needs of small farmers, agricultural consultants and Precision Agriculture solution providers who co-create services.

Enabling Small Farmers…

Pragmatic enables small farmers to exploit the high potential of Precision Agriculture for achieving cost reductions and increased profitability sector, allowing for more efficient utilisation of resources, and agricultural consultants Precision Agriculture solution providers to provide high quality services to their customers.

So, what is pragmatic?

Pragmatic is a modern multi-vendor marketplace, providing business-to-consumer sales services and products on precision agriculture. These items cover a wide range, including crop protection, fertilisers, seed, sensors, crop monitoring and agronomic, remote sensing and digital farm services.

In addition to the main “Buy it now” shopping, the marketplace has also auction-style sales which allows vendors to add auction for their offered items and more personalised sales based on specified fields that determine the availability of service on a calendar.