Do you want to create your personal store?

Pragmatic is the new marketplace for the agribusiness sector.

Do you want to increase your sales, reach new customers and expand your clientele?

Meet Pragmatic, your new strategic partner!

How does it work? It is actually very simple and you can start immediately:

Step 1. Register

Register in the platform and create your profile. You will be asked to provide information, such as your company profile, contact details, shipping information, return policy etc and all the information that your buyers shall need to see from your online store.

Step 2. List your products

Being logged in you can see your options from the menu, which appears once you click on the “user icon” on the top right side of the marketplace. Once you have selected the products that you will sell through the platform, you can choose the category “Products” and start listing them!

Step 3. Sell your products

Once you have listed your products and posted your offers in the platform all customers will be able to see them. Be ready to promptly respond to any inquiry or clarification they might need! You will receive notifications each time a request is submitted or an order is placed!