1. Purchase process

Once you have selected the most suitable products/services for your needs, you will have to choose your preferred type of payment. Don’t forget to read carefully the delivery information of each product before submitting your order! All transactions are conducted directly between the store owners and consumers.


2. Disclaimer

Pragmatic is an online marketplace open to agribusiness sector stakeholders. Companies may create a personal store into Pragmatic in order to promote their products and services and sell them directly to farmers. Farmers and other interested parties may place an order for a product or a service through this platform. Each store in Pragmatic is responsible for the products offered and orders processed as well. Pragmatic accepts no responsibility or liability for any products/services stores are unable to supply / provide.


3.Obligations of stores

All companies that create a store in the Pragmatic marketplace agree with the rules below:

  • All products uploaded must be accompanied by the necessary certifications.
  • Stores post prices for all items on sale.
  • All stores are responsible to the customer for the quality of the products /services they sell/provide.
  • All stores are responsible for the communication between them and the consumers
  • All stores are responsible to inform customers for the expiration date of their products.
  • All stores should upload relevant delivery information and procedures for the products they sell.