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Agroloop is a start-up which introduces industrialized insect farming in the Central European region.

We utilize the Black Soldier Fly larvae`s ability to transform organic waste into a sustainable protein source. This highly efficient natural process has been beneficial for organic farmers on small-scale.

Our mission is to integrate mini-livestock in the EU agribusiness and one of their main focuses is to raise awarenesscto the ecological responsibility that every agricultural stakeholder shares.



Agroloop’s fertilizer is a valuable by-product created by the metabolism of the black soldier fly larvae. After the separation process it goes through further treatment to be able to easily applied as an organic soil conditioner. It consists of the castings of the larvae, shed skin of the larvae and indigestible organics by them. This natural product is rich nutrients and minerals that essential for accerelated plant growth in organic farms.


Dark brown or black course powder.
Moisture content 15%.
100% organic

Possible applications:

  • Organic farming
  • Hydroponic farming
  • Home gardening

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