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Metrop Hydroponics is a company that specializes in high quality liquid plant fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and hobby farming.

Through years of cultivation and testing experience, Metrop Hydroponics approaches the crops in a different way than most other food producers.

The main idea behind this is to give what a crop can absorb most at every stage of the growth and flowering cycle.



Metrop AminoRoot is a fertilizer based on free amino acids obtained via synthesis (SFAAs). The solution is absorbed very quickly by the leaves (90% within 7 hours).


Metrop AminoRoot is a stimulating nutrient with a high content of free amino acids and oligopeptides of low molecular weight.

Metrop AminoRoot is extremely suitable for rapid absorption by the cell of the plant. This nutrient keeps the metabolism of the plant in balance and increases the absorption of mineral nutrients by improving the flow of the plant juices.

Since Metrop AminoRoot is absorbed very quickly by the cell of the plant (via Amino Root’s own biochemical system (oligopeptides)), it does not consume energy from the plant and is therefore independent of the photosynthesis of the plant.

Metrop AminoRoot increases the production, size and coloring of the fruit and activates the ripening process. The amino acids contribute to the increase in leaf green content and retarding aging by increasing photosynthesis.

Metrop AminoRoot is especially suitable for the treatment of plants that have been subject to adverse influences such as transport, transplantation, frost, wind, hail, pruning, treatment against weeds or insects.

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