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Increasing calves weaning yield by 25%


Farm Application

  • Counting the herd: The system counts the herd every 5 or X minutes inside the Coverage of the pole-range. If one cattle is missed the system sends an SMS to the herdsman about the cattle’s ID that missing.
  • Geo-Fence: The system provide indication if all the cattle are inside the digital fence (limited to the range based on pole coverage) and sends SMS to herdsman when cattle come to cross the Geo-Fence. The SMS contain cattle’s ID number and link to the map with the location of the cattle.
  • Theft and hostile events: if there is an attempt to cut or remove the collar or attack the cattle, the system sends an SMS with the location of the event to the herdsman while presenting it as a” push” on his smartphone.
  • Location: herdsman can get location of every cattle by using the smartphone or PC application to query herd or animal location
  • Cattle physiological behavior: the system identified cattle’s behavior like: walking, running grazing, jumping, laying, in-heat and others behavior statistic.
  • Cattle finder: dedicate Mobile application to find cattle in distress or went loss.

System Configuration

There are 2 options for deployment the system at the pasture area:
  1. Cellular connectivity based – where cellular connectivity to the pole exists.
  2. Satellite Connectivity-based – where cellular connectivity to the pole does not exist, then we use satellite connectivity to the pole.

Poles and Towers

The Pole / Tower should be at least 6 meter high, higher is better. For 9 meter high with a line of sight between the pole and the collars the range between the pole and the collar can be between 6-7km, and 10-12km radius when the pole is 12m high. Each pole can handle up to 25K cattle.

Electricity: Can be 220V come from the grid or by solar panel (off grid deployment)

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