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Our fermented extracts of nettle, comfrey, fern and horsetail plants are spread on plants to protect them against insects, fungi, diseases, frost and to boost their growth. They have been developed by integrating many parameters (pH, optimal fermentation time, micronutrient content, …) with two objectives: to optimize their performance and ensure linear quality. They can be used in organic and conventional farming.


These products are used on all plants: fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, etc.

Spraying is done until you get a drop at the leaf.

Fermented extract of nettle

  • Stimulates root development
  • Increases the flow of sap
  • Fortify the plant
  • Anti-chlorosis

Fermented extract of nettle and comfrey VS-UP

Improves root development and the creation of flower buds, stimulates circulation and the quality of sap.

Fermented extract of nettle, comfrey and horsetail VS-STRUCTURE

Fermented extract VS-STRUCTURE is prepared from three plants: nettle, comfrey and horsetail. This powerful formula contributes to the growth of plants and has many virtues: improves root and foliage development, accelerates

Fermented extract of comfrey

  • Improves the structure of plants
  • Causes the creation of flower buds

Fermented fern extract

  • Strengthens plants
  • Prevents insect attacks

Fermented extract of fern and horsetail VS-DEFENDER

VS-DEFENDER is a great way to protect plants from insect attacks. This fermented extract uses a 100% vegetable formula made from fern and horsetail.It has shown its effectiveness to naturally fight against whiteflies, trips, flea beetles … but also soil parasites.

Fermented horsetail extract

Allows plant warming, strengthens plants, which prevents fungus attacks, increases photosynthesis, strengthens plant cells

Natural powder creeping insect 2.5 kg

Insect Powder Barrier Insect Powder is a 100% vegetable and effective solution for hunting crawling insects. The powerful product with repulsive and mechanical action (drying of the thorax) does not allow the insects to accustom themselves to it. The powder is used as a preventive and curative to fight cockroaches, ants, weevils, aphids, etc.

Natural anti-rodent powder 2.5 kg

100% vegetable and natural powder creates sensory barriers against rodents. An effective repellent-deterrent solution deters rodents from venturing into building interiors. The product can be used as a preventive or curative and does not represent any danger for the user and his environment.



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