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Through our artificial intelligence software, we offer agronomic recommendations to the agricultural sector to make treatments more efficient and generate crop estimates production.

At Hemav, we make crop health diagnostics with 90% accuracy (compared to laboratory and actual results). Our layer-based solution provides farmers with analytical reports including agronomic and treatment recommendations. We also make predictions based on several parameters, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DRONE technology


Analytical products

Thanks to our patented software we can provide you with a detailed and digitized diagnosis of your crops. You will have an overview of your plots with high definition images, location maps and digital surface models. With our analytical layers you will know the average vigour level of each area of the field, as well as the particular state of each tree. Also, our variability layer will help you to detect if differential treatments are needed in certain areas to achieve an optimal and homogeneous state throughout the field.

Advanced Products Recommendations

Thanks to the data collected by our drones, we carry out exhaustive analyses of foliar nitrogen and water stress that allow us to make fertilizer and irrigation recommendations adjusted to the needs of each plot. In addition, we can determine which areas are at risk of harbouring pests or diseases due to their low photosynthetic activity, as well as make pruning recommendations combining the information of the detected vegetative indexes and the foliage volume of the crop in question.

Production estimate

These layers of high agronomic value allow us to predict the final production of the farm up to three months in advance, obtaining a reliability in the reports higher than 90%.

I+D+I Products

The predictive layer service that HEMAV offers for extensive crops includes a report with the number of plants to be replanted in the replanting area, as well as a protein analysis of the crop and its NDF indicator, a key parameter to show the quality of the crop for its subsequent sale or international export.

In crops such as grape-vines, we also offer other studies such as the percentage of sugar content, which allows us to determine the concentration of brix degrees, so that the farmer can adjust the irrigation values in those vines according to the different aromas and flavors that he is looking for in the wine. Reports such as the malic acid report allow the acidity of this value to be controlled in advance and to determine the optimum time of the harvest according to the selected values. On the other hand, the anthocyanin content layer offers parameters to determine the pigmentation of the fruit and the desired colouring of the wine.

The fat yield layer, on the other hand, provides information on the dry matter oil content of each of the trees on the farm, allowing field technicians to choose the optimum time to harvest and thus optimise logistics and labour.


What benefits will you get?

  • Productivity – Get the desired production with objective quality.
  • Quality – Focus your harvest from tree by tree, plant by plant of the determining parameters for it.
  • Savings – Optimizes the costs of the farm saving on fertilizers, pesheticides, irrigation (if applicable) and time in personnel in the field.
  • Optimize the purchase / sale – Optimizes the management of the purchase and sale of your product based on the forecast of production and quality estimation.
  • Pest prevention – Discard possible conditions or illnesses in each flight to minimize the risks of losses.
  • Digitalización – Digitize your plot to have more control and follow-up on the evolution of your crops and make the right decision at any time.


How does it work?

  • Digitalization of the field – Through the data provided by the farmer on the crop, the system of irrigation, fertilization and other historical data are digitized parcels.
  • Collection – From aerial data with dron or satellite.
  • Processed – Tree to tree, plant to plant thanks to Layers, our software of artificial intelligence
  • Display – View reports and recommendations, wherever you want with our mobile app.


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