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eVineyard helps winemakers capture weather data from different sources by constantly monitoring conditions and the state of their vineyards. By utilizing advanced data processing to model disease development, eVineyard provides concrete solutions to save time and improve vineyard’s sustainability and performance.

We’re blend of winegrowers and agronomists, informatics and engineers, sommeliers and business developers. We work with joy every single day to keep eVineyard in good condition – fresh, rich healthy and tasty – for you.


Winegrowing as an industry is changing. More emphasis on quality, environmental friendliness, and playing well with regulations are nowadays mandatory for success. eVineyard helps you grow grapes in the best way possible.

eVineyard is the only fully integrated, complete vineyard management system, on the market. In combines sensor data with data about your activities and vineyard parameters, to give you punctual decision support about when to spray.


  • Turn regulative records into value

Ability to track and collect information from any device – phone, tablet or computer, to create reports, analyse and create smarter decision about spraying and other activities.

  • Irrigation Management

eVineyard’s algorithms for irrigation management help you decide when to irrigate and what quantity of water to use, helping you save money and achieve desired quality and yields.

  • Spray with confidence

Never spray too late and avoid expensive curative treatments. By turning large quantities of data about terroir, weather and growth phase into valuable insights, eVineyard give you the most certain and customized advice on the market, reinforcing your decisions to prolong the time between spraying and also saving up to 30%.

  • Reduce vineyard manager’s administration

eVineyard helps you organize your labour-intensive activities, saving up to 80% of administrative work performed by vineyard managers.

eVineyard is a modern vineyard management software as a service (Saas). This rules out complicated installation and configurations, allowing you to focus on your irrigation, pest management and data monitoring. eVineyard supports cost-effective, autonomous sensors, which are completely plug-and-play. Just order them over the Internet, put them into the vineyard, and turn them on. No complications.

No Internet signal in the vineyard? No problem. eVineyard offers a mobile application that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. It works offline, and synchronizes over the Internet when you get the connectivity again.

eVineyard is used by vineyards in multiple countries around the world. It is used by growers managing from one hectare of vineyards, up to the largest vineyard owners in certain countries, owning multiple hundreds of hectares of vineyard.

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