AGRO-BASIC is the basic solution for local crop monitoring. It is a Plug&Play Monitoring Station ideal for the real-time measuring of the following agro-environmental parameters:
– atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure
– Soil moisture at two different depth or position
– Soil temperature
– Leaf wetness
– weather station (anemometer and pluviometer
– extension cables (1.5m, 4m, 9m)

AGRO-BASIC is a completely autonomous station suitable for monitoring all type of crops. All data collected can be visualized in the personal user account.
AGRO-BASIC is part of the local sensing services provided by OMICAFARM ( and it can be used in combination with other Monitoring Stations (AGRO-METEO and AGRO-SUN) or in combination with the remote sensing service OMICAFARM (OBSERVE).

SPECIAL OFFER: for each monitoring station, the OMICAFARM OBSERVE service is included for an area of 10 hectares.

DISCOUNTED PRICE on multiple purchases.


With OMICAFARM®, farmers can take under control the state of their crops at any time, giving the opportunity to act quickly, based on constantly updated measures. OMICAFARM® helps farmers to make the whole production chain more efficient and productive, from irrigation management up to optimization of fertilizer. Moreover, a better management of crops and natural resources helps to reduce the risk of pest and diseases reducing the consumption of plant care products and improving the quality of the final product.

AGRO-BASIC is a Plug&Play monitoring station with an enclosure in polycarbonate resistant to external environmental conditions, easy to install and with very low maintenance costs.

AGRO-BASIC is complete of:

          GPS that allows re-positioning and automatic position reconnaissance

          Software for data collection from 6 different sensors

          Software for data elaboration with time frequency up to 10 minutes

          Software for real-time data transmission

          Solar Panel 7V – 500mA

          Rechargeable Battery 6600mAh

          Data traffic included for 1 year with global coverage

          2 extension cables to be used for an optimal positioning of sensors


The remote monitoring service (OBSERVE) is included for an area of 10 hectares. The Service OBSERVE (refers to the dedicated page) consists in remote monitoring of the field using satellite imagery. Maps related to the crop growth, water stress and chlorophyll content are provided with a frequency up to 5 days and a spatial resolution of 10 m. All the maps produced can be visualized in the OMICAFARM® platform and they can be used to understand the spatial variability of crop growth, as well as water stress, within the same fields. This combination of services (SENSE&OBSERVE), local sensing a monitoring sensing, makes OMICAFARM® a unique solution for crop monitoring. Further information on Precision Farming, its benefits and application cases can be found on our blog.

For further information, price policy for multiple purchase, contact us.

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