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OneSoil Sensor measures soil moisture and air humidity, the temperature of both soil and air, and determines the level of light intensity for a specified portion of a field. Soon, this sensor will also be able to predict plant diseases, the emergence of pests, and other field processes.


OneSoil Sensor brings the functionality of a standard weather station at a drastically reduced cost. Unlike other sensors, the installation of our device only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is to dig a small hole in the soil and plant OneSoil Sensor in it. Immediately after, the device begins analyzing field data. There is a sensor at the base of the device that measures soil moisture and temperature. The opposite end is fitted with sensors that measure light intensity, air humidity and air temperature. With just one set of AA batteries, you can use OneSoil Sensor for the entire season and easily replace batteries in the field.

Every 1−2 hours, all data collected via the sensor is transmitted to cloud storage through a sim card. Currently, we are developing a web application that will provide farmers with a deep analysis of the state of their field. We use machine learning methods for data analysis.

A simple and intuitive interface will allow farmers not only monitor the soil condition in real time but also predict plant diseases and get more accurate weather forecast for a field. In addition, OneSoil Sensor will optimize irrigation schedule and frequency. It will also suggest the optimal time to apply fertilizers to avoid detrimental effects, such as damaging your crops if applied at high temperatures.

Planned OneSoil Sensor features:

  • Plant disease prediction
  • Pest emergence prediction
  • Dew point calculation
  • Calculation of soil water balance
  • Precipitation rate measurement
  • Growing degree-day calculation
  • Cloud and sunlight analysis

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