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We are a young, dynamic company with a passion for sustainability and innovation. We work in a small team with a lot of dedication on researching and developing products in which living plants make electricity. To make this possible, Plant Microbial Fuel Cell (P-MFC) technology is used.


A plant produces organic material through photosynthesis. Part of this organic material is used by the plant for its own growth, but not everything is used by the plant. This remaining part is excreted via the roots to the soil. In the soil, around the roots of the plant, bacteria break down the organic material. In this degradation process electrons are released as a waste product. The P-MFC technology ensures that we can use these electrons as electricity.

The P-MFC technology ensures that we can use these electrons as electricity.


  • It is CO2┬ánegative:
    • Plants consume more CO2┬áthan they emit. Therefore Plant electricity is the only form of electricity which is CO2┬ánegative!
  • It is green:
    • It has been shown that green in the environment, whether this is outside or inside, has a positive influence on people. Moreover, green contributes to a pleasant (indoor) climate.
  • It is sustainable:
    • For all our products we are constantly looking for the most sustainable materials. Plastic that we use is recycled and the materials we use are inert. This means that the materials we place in nature will not dissolve there or affect nature. So our Plant-e systems can, if necessary, be completely taken back and recycled.
  • It makes multiple land use possible:
    • A Plant-e installation does not detract from nature reserves, but adds something. An example of this Multiple use of space: In addition to food production, a rice field will have the added value of (decentralized) electricity production.

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