VitiRover offers a heard of mower-robots that helps manage precisely the growth of grass.

The VitiRover herds of mower-robots are monitored and managed by something we like to call ‘shepherds’. Our shepherds are technicians who are trained and employed by VitiRover while the herds of robots remain the property of VitRover. This way, the owners of the land are free from any constraints while VitiRover concern themselves with technical maintenance and update of their robots. Our service is not a financial investment but only a simple expense and we guarantee the result.

The preservation of the environment is now easier thanks to the revolutionary VitiRover mower-robots.

VITIROVER robots are eco-friendly and cost effective.

They preserve the environment and precisely control soil grassing without using glyphosate. Their light weight prevents soil squeezing that will occur with tractors or horses.

The robots are autonomous and do not consume fossil fuels. They are powered by solar energy.


VitiRover will manage your land!

We will continuously manage the grassing of your land with our herds of autonomous mower robots monitored by a shepherd.

We called our service “VAAS”: Vitirover As A Service.


The shepherd remotely monitors the robots and their herd from his office or from his truck:

  • To track their work in real time
  • To choose the pieces of land on which the robots will work
  • To create, if needed, a sub-piece of land requiring a more precise or deeper attention
  • To remotely clean the mowers that need to be


​The shepherd has a global vision of his herd and remotely monitors the individual performance of each robot:

  • Energy consumption and rotation speed of each motor for each robot
  • Battery level and charge level of the solar panel
  • Geo-tagged position of each robot at any time in real time
  • GPS tracking in case of power outage or stealing attempt
  • History of the last 24 hours operation (schedule, working hours, recorded issues, mowers self-cleaning operations, completed journey, quantity of cut graa, etc.)


The shepherd can physically step in to resolve issues on the field when needed:​

  • Frozen robot
  • Mower that can’t be remotely cleaned
  • Solar panel cleaning if needed
  • Battery replacement, if there is no light or sun for a given time
  • Small maintenance
  • Mower blade replacement


Technical Specifications :

  • Length x Width x Height : 29″1/2 x 15″1/3 x 11″2/5

  • Weight : 40 lbs.


  • Autonomous : Move Management Software for full covering of the piece of land

  • Smart : detects obstacles to get as close as possible to them to cut grass around, less than 1/2″ away from that obstacle (zero risk of hurting any vine)

  • Wheel drive : 4

  • Motor : 1 motor per wheel

  • Max Slope : 15%

  • Speed : 1000 ft/hour


  • All kinds of grass

  • Cutting block : 3 rotating grinders

  • Cutting Width : 12″ 2/3

  • Cutting height : Adjustable from 1″ 2/3  up to  4″

  • Precision : < 1/4″ from the obstacle.



  • About 13 days per cycle and per piece of land of 5 acres (about 12 cycles per mowing season)


  • Per robot : ~5 acres

  • Per herd : about 250 acres


  • Numbre of robots per herd : 50

  • Working area : 20 km radius


  • Main : 1 solar panel

  • Secnudary : Rechargeable battery

  • Consumption : ~20W


  • 2 GPS systems in the robot

  • Detection precision : centimetric (RTK) or metric

  • Optional multi-channel RTK (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO)



  • All weather conditions

  • UV Protection

  • Tropicalization



  • CO² Emissions: None

  • Chemical pollution : None

  • Sound level : Ambiant noise [40 dB(A)]

  • Compliance : WEEE and ROHS compliant


  • Freezing by code PIN

  • Anti theft security : robots automatically shuts down when lifted or taken out of the programmed target piece of land

  • Theft security : geolocation by GPS

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