Autonomous Irrigation


It is a formidable task to achieve optimal irrigation of a plant for best performance. Decisions has to be taken by the grower as to when and how much water to apply. The lack of accurate information and guidance to make the right decision regarding timing and volume of water to apply cause more often than not under or over irrigation.

Tevatronic LTD Company have developed a technological solution that makes growing crops fully autonomous from irrigation and fertilization aspects. Our system is fully capable of deciding when and how much to irrigate, and it executes the irrigation decision without human intervention.

Precision irrigation requires measurement of several parameters (crop coefficient, leaf area, soil water content, soil surface evaporation, drainage, and environmental conditions) in order to schedule the irrigation and determine the volume of water required in each application. The measurements are complicated and cannot be carried out by an ordinary plant grower (farmer, home owner of a garden, etc.) The demand for water by the plant is changing constantly (daily and seasonally), which makes it impossible to make correct irrigation decisions in real time. Consequently, in spite of the best guidelines that scientific research can offer to the plant grower today, the irrigation in daily practice is basically an empirical endeavour and approximate at best. Only the transfer of the irrigation control to the plant itself can achieve the perfect solution for precision irrigation. We define such a control as Autonomous Irrigation, contrary to Automatic Irrigation (by computers). We proved it possible by integrating technology (hardware), software and method of application.


The autonomous irrigation transfer the control to the plant. The farmer is no longer has to take decisions as to when and how much to irrigate, thus avoiding erroneous decisions. Not only we are able to sense the plant and the soil water status simultaneously, but also we can precisely irrigate to a specific depth into the soil, such that only the root system of the plant is irrigated. It is an amazing solution here to revolutionize the entire irrigation system.

The autunomous irrigation benefits:

  • eliminates waste of water to the depth
  • reduces the environmental impact of agriculture
  • reduces the amount of resources to grow the crop, while enhancing its productivity




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