Human pickers are getting scarce as young people do not want to work in farms and elderly pickers are slowly retiring. This phenomenon is becoming more acute in view of regulatory restrictions on import of temporary labor force from less developed countries.

Moreover, it has been known for years that human pickers, inadvertently, bruise some of the fruit picked due to the picking process (dropping fruit into bags, bumping the bag against ladders, emptying fruits to the bin).
FFRobotics Fresh fruit picker solution combines precise yet simple robotic controls, fast and accurate image processing, and advanced algorithms for picking and distinguishing usable produce and damaged, diseased and unripe fruit. The Harvester will be easily modified to pick different types of fresh fruit, making it useful over multiple harvesting seasons


The Solution to scarcity and costly human pickers:

A self-propelled platform with multiple robotic arms driving down the row and picking fruits. The platform is flexible to allow adaptation to a range of orchard configurations.

The FFRobot benefits:

  • Fast, accurate image processing
  • Advanced algorithms for fruit identification, classification and selection
  • Emulation of hand-harvesting
  • Reduction of dependency on human labor and labor costs.
  • Gentle fruit handling from tree to bin
  • Premium, damage-free fruit
  • 10 times more usable fruit compared with an average worker





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