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Hive-Tech is the latest generation electronic device designed and engineered by 3Bee to save bees, one of the most important resource on our planet!

The device allows to interpret and monitor the needs of bees by recording thoroughly weight, temperature, humidity, sounds and smells.

Hive-Tech can be used by everyone, even by users without any computer skills!


Hive-Tech is available to all beekeepers who want to do their business in total security, aided by real-time data from their hives.

The technology is light, bee-friendly (does not bother any bees), easily transportable and adaptable to any kind of hives. Thanks to a small photovoltaic panel, the device is fully self-powered through solar energy.


  • GSM & BLUETOOTH – Data are recorded every minute in the hive and transmitted up to 4 times a day to the remote cloud platform. You will be able to view the statistics and charts of your beehive, analyze its health status and take action if needed.
    BEEHIVE HEALTH STATUS – Keep constantly monitored some of the beehive’s parameters such as sound, temperature, humidity, weight and scents. Get information about: productivity, brood, queen vitality, imminent swarming, stocked honey, disease insurgence, etc.


  • BEEHIVES ADOPTION – Do you want to increase your honey sales? Involve consumers and enthusiasts with your business. By joining 3Bee technology, you can protect your bees and pre-sell your honey months in advance . You can let someone adopt your beehives and invest the proceeds in the growth and maintenance of your apiary!


  • BEEHIVE STATISTICS – Hive-Tech provides continuous and accurate data collection. From the personal account it is possible to view, analyze, extrapolate and store data and graphics which can be shared or used to generate reports or just to check all the historical and useful statistics (e.g. which beehive is the most productive, which is more susceptible to swarming, etc.)


  • NOTICES & WARNINGS – This innovative beehive’s monitoring system provides real-time alerts through an automatic and instant notice via SMS in case of extraordinary or anomalous events occurred in the apiary.


  • TRACKING SYSTEM – No thoughts or worries for your beehives! 3Bee allows you to geolocalize any hives by installing GPS/GSM hidden inside them.


  • MOBILE APP – Manage your business from any device anywhere and anytime by accessing the reserved user area. Download the 3Bee app available for Android e iOS  and stay connected with your beehives.


  • MULTI-OPERATOR SIM – No need to buy external SIM! 3Bee gives you a multi-operator SIM with an unmatched annual cost: less than one coffee a week! You can turn your SIM on or off as you desire with no extra cost.

Enter the 3Bee network, choose the plan that best suits to you and to the needs of your bees:



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