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GORD Systems Services, established in 2006 offers innovative ICT solutions based on IoT, mobile and machine learning technologies, which help agri-businesses improve their competitiveness and business performances. GORD’s primary focus is on business process optimisation, real-time quality management, predictive maintenance and energy efficiency in food processing, pharmacy and health.


ItelliSTEM is a smart ICT solution designed to assist agricultural producers to make their business more efficient and profitable.

This system measures and processes relevant parameters for plants growing in their environment. Furthermore, the system informs the staff about the growing status, moisture/fertiliser levels, what next steps need to be done, has an alert system and much more.

IntelliSTEM can reduce production costs anywehre between 30-60%.

It is an IoT device, both a wireless measurement probe for monitoring soil moisture (soil surface & plant roots) and monitoring of plant envirnoment i.e. soil temperature, temperature/humidity of air, environment lighting conditions and etc.

IntelliSTEM also includes:

  • Reading/Writing data to NFC tags and Smart mobile devices
  • Long battery life (5 years)
  • Waterproof housing, includes sensors, wireless MCU controller and battery
  • Rugged, lightweight, easy to operate
  • IoT connectivity standards (WiFi, Bluetooth, 6LowPAN, mobile data)
  • Intuitive web UI client software for PC and Mobile devices

IntelliSTEM solves problems like:

  • Excessive irrigation, which cause
  • Water leaking and fertilizer leaching from the soil or substrate
  • Development of various diseases, fungi and pests
  • Higher production costs (over-consumption of water & fertilizer
  • IntelliSTEM based irrigation system enables high precision supply of water and fertilizer based on currently measured and Knowledgebase data.
  • Usage of chemicals for PGR (Plant Grow Regulation)
  • IntelliSTEM intelligent management of water and fertiliser supply opens new possibility for plants grow regulation – without usage of PGR chemicals (important for healthy organic production).
  • IntelliSTEM Knowledgebase and the end-user application software help guide agribusiness owners in making right decisions punctually by finding ways to maximize their profit and benefits.
  • Influence to the environment
  • IntelliSTEM enables optimized spending of water, fertilizer and energy, which results with fewer natural resources spending for their production, transport and supply.

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