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Using capacitance as the measuring technology, The HydraSCOUT™ probe can be deployed on any irrigation systems whether its center pivots, drip irrigation, micro irrigation and is suited for surface and flood irrigation. The probe comes with 5 sensors and can be upgraded to 8.


The HydraSCOUT™ probe is the latest in the soil moisture probe range from Hydra Sensor Technologies International Ltd and uses capacitance as the measuring technology.



Voltage | 5V – 24 VDC

Current – idle | 6 mA

Current – measurement | 250mS

Protection | Protection circuitry for power surges and spikes


Operating temperature | 0°C – 60°C

Housing | Sealed, waterproof, resin filled

Diameter | 38mm

Length | 100mm – 1500mm

Sensors | 1 to 8

Configuration | Sub-surface and above ground versions

Cable Length | Standard 3-core 5m, but up to 25m on request.

Connector| Bare Wire Cable


Communications | SDI-12 protocol

Specification |

Bus address | Default = 0, can be changed using SDI-12 commands

Measurements | 0 = soil moisture percentage (SMP%)

1 = soil temperature (degrees Celsius)

2 = raw frequency measurement (Megahertz)

Data points | One per 10cm sensor ‘segment’ in the probe

Probes are supplied in various lengths / number of sensors

Sampling time | Approximately 300mS


Firmware upgrades | Yes, via SDI-12 interface

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