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Metabolic robots was established in 2008 by Ziv Dubinsky, filed its patents in 2009 and incorporated into a private company in 2011. In 2013 the company accepted the partnership of the trendline group and received a grant from the Israeli chief scientist office for a second daughter company to be established in 2013 by the name ” Metabolic Robots Feeding Solutions ltd”. The two companies are developing Agtech products for a sustainable and efficient, welfare oriented process.

After working in the poultry sector for a decade and with all the experience with technologies – Ziv Dubinsky presented a new method and novel algorithms that use readings from standard of the shelf sensors to establish an analysis. Bringing the cost of manual egg sexing down by 20-30% with 94% accuracy in the process.

The new technology allows more uniformed flocks and less mortality during the 1st two weeks of the broilers life, due to performance analysis we can send only the best eggs to hatch and grow into an efficient and healthy animal.

The early information on an egg determining its sex and future performance will bring the poultry industry to sustainability.


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After a series of discussions with The Humane League, United Egg Producers has announced that it will eliminate the culling of male chicks from its egg laying hen hatcheries by 2020, or as soon as commercially available and economically feasible. The organization, which represents 95% of all egg producers in the US, plans to replace existing male chick culling practices with in-ovo egg sexing technology. Currently, female chicks born in hen hatcheries are raised to become layer hens, but the industry has no use for male chicks which cannot lay eggs or efficiently grow to become meat birds. Common culling practices include grinding the chicks in high-speed industrial grinders, asphyxiation, or crushing. In the broilers industry it is needed to raise male and female separately to have efficiency and not loss monies from a not uniformed flock, all 1 day old chicks need to go through manual sexing that is harmful and stressful as well as being a super professional job.

To address this practice of culling day-old chicks, a new Patented technology developed by Ziv Dubinsky founder of MRFS, determines the sex of each fertilized egg before the hatching. The embryo-sexing technology, which should soon be available for commercial use in egg production, will enable the marking of near to all female-identified eggs from the hatchery, allowing them to hatch and not be manually sexed. The Human League characterizes this as both a more ethical and more sustainable process, which will remove tens of millions of eggs from manual expensive time consuming work, as the male-identified eggs will be used correctly. The German government recently made a similar commitment to put this technology to use within the next few years.

Determining the sex of an unhatched egg using a non invasive method is possible, through the use of Support Vector Machine learning. Metabolic Robots has identified over 94% of female embryos before they have hatched and can today bring down manual sexing cost by  more than 20%. We have determined associated learning algorithms divided by a clear data gap between male and female embryos. Next step is going to Kernel methods that operate in high dimensional features and statistical learning to bring our analysis to the max bringing cost of manual work down by 50%.

Test has begun in the Netherlands showing a clear significant outcome.


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