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TerraNIS is a company specialized in the design, development and commercialization of geoinformation services in the fields of agriculture and the environment. It also provides advice, support and expertise to users of Earth observation technologies.
TerraNIS operates and distributes worldwide services Pixagri and Œnoview®, respectively dedicated to agriculture and precision viticulture.


Oenoview is using satellite imagery with a resolution less or equal to 1m50. These images, which embed several spectral bands from visible to near infra-red, are processed in order to generate so-called Green Leaf Cover Vegetation (GLCV) maps over the fields, Biophysical parameters are then extracted, providing a status on the vigor and the heterogeneity in the vineyards. This information is finally analyzed and formatted in order to help the users taking the good décisions.

You want

  • To perform your vine stocks selection in an accurate and timely manner.
  • To understand and manage the intra and inter variability of your fields.

This is now possible thanks to new remote sensing technics applied to vineyards. Oenoview is a fast, reliable and accurate tool allowing the segmentation of the vineyard according to the qualitative potential of the vine stocks.

Wine-grower : Oenoview provides you with the opportunity to improve the profitability of your vineyard thanks to an accurate images satellite mapping. This mapping enables a better management of the harvesting, an optimization of the fertilization plans leading to reduced annual costs, a visualization of the anomaly areas (e.g. botrytis).

A cooperative winery : Oenoview allows an instantaneous and large scale characterization of the qualitative potential of the vine stocks ; an allotment based on a comparable quality sorting is performed allowing an identification of the atypical stocks. You can then improve the efficiency of your vine stocks selection.

An investor: Oenoview helps you assessing the wine-growing potential of your vines by a comprehensive survey of the vigor of each stock. This is achieved through an identification of highly heterogeneous fields and of dead plants.

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