The company is dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing unmanned vehicles guided by artificial vision and / or autopilot in order to attract and / or end animal pests in a sustainable way using exclusively fear as a sustainable method of control both in agricultural crops and in fish farms and in all those places where the animals create problems or cause economic losses.

This is a new concept to combat animal pests by copying what has been operating for millions of years. The company’s work ranges from ethnological research to the design and development of attack and evolutionary combat missions on autopilot in each farm and crop as each pest behaves differently in each region.


The drone comes with autopilot technology, easy to use with both manual and satellite guidance. It behaves much more like a bird in its habitat, threatening seagulls, cormorants, herons, and sparrows by relying on fear as a sustainable method of pest control, both in agricultural crops and in fish farms.

The strength of drone is that it doesn’t have negative environmental impacts, and its sound and appearance doesn’t affect birds and other wildlife. It delivers 90% pest control efficiency, does not rely on lethal methods, and protects biodiversity by avoiding the use of nets and mesh fabrics where birds can get tangled, be suffocated or die from lack of food.

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