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Oz, by Naïo Technologies, cute, compact robot weeds and hoes vegetable crops – all by itself, saving time and physical effort.
Oz is an autonomous robot, providing for fully mechanical weed control. It assists during weeding and hoeing chores, acting on itself, independent of any controller to improve the profitability of your production, while minimizing eco footprint. It is designed to improve working conditions on vegetable farms with more than 9ha or the daily workload of operating the farm.
Using lasers and cameras, OZ moves autonomously between rows, detects different types of plants, moving accordingly when eliminating weeds via chemical-free, mechanical weeding, (hoeing). It is a light-weight machine that only slightly compacts soil and preserves soil structure with the help of its passive weeding tools.
It also doubles as a carry all transport for toting supplies or during harvest.
The robot comes with a three year warranty and moves at a maximum moving speed of 1.3 km/h. It is 40cm wide and 100cm long and can operate for four hours at a time. This should enable it to complete work on 48 rows of 100m each in just 4 hours.


Why Oz, the weeding robot?

·         Less drudgery

Exhausted from a long day of farming chores? Oz is designed to limit the drudgery generated by the routine performance of farming chores, such as weeding, hoeing, harvesting. Oz also hedges your risks against exposure to toxic weed killers and pesticides.

·         More time

The Oz automated weeding robot can also hoe and weed as frequently as needed, all by itself. No supervision required! Now, you can spend your time on more productive and rewarding tasks!

·         Better soil

With Oz, it is all about combining efficiency with eco-friendly charm! Oz is so small that it helps you reduce soil compaction, a problem today with heavy tractor machinery and one that can reduce crop yields.

·         More profitability

Autonomous Oz gives you more time to focus on long-term productivity, profitabiltiy and sustainability of your farming business. Oz consumes very little energy, allowing you to save your budget on other supplies.

To ease your daily work, Oz comes with three operating modes.


In autonomous mode, it simply follows the crop rows of your field, and automatically guides itself, while in follow mode, it keeps track of your steps and transports loads. Also, when needed, you can switch to manual mode and tell Oz where to go using a wireless remote control.

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